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Case Study

This project has been worked on 2016. Build with Java as core service, Codeigniter 3 as the dashboard.

The purpose of this app is to ease news blast with phone messaging mechanism (SMS). We just input some message on the dashboard, and the app will send broadcast to the number group we define as recipient. Every campaign will be sent directly to recipient and they will receive it as SMS message on their phone.

This project has been build during my work on PT Jelajah Tekno Indonesia in helping our client, Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya.

  • Stack : Java, Codeigniter 3, MySQL, Gammu
  • Type : Service, Web App
  • Year : 2016

*The demo of this app is unavailable (for confidential purpose), but you can check the manual book to see detail of this project below.

Manual Book .pdf (2.6MB)