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Gudang Ada
Case Study

This project has been worked on 2019. Build with ReactJS framework, Deployed as Progressive Web App (PWA). And using Drupal 8 as backend service.

The concept of this app is FMCG Marketplace for internal use (SaaS). The salesman from our unit will come to the store, and they will make purchase based on customer order with this app. Every purchase we make will be connected to specified wholesaler, and the customer will get the best price & nearest shipment for their order.

This project has been build during my work at PT Alpha Teknologi Indonesia (Alterra) in the mission to help expanding his sister company, PT Gudang Ada Globalindo.

This project encounter some revamp to optimize app performance, and run into framework change from ReactJS on initial version to Nuxt/VueJS (Frontend) to get the best fit as we expected.

  • Stack : ReactJS (v1), Nuxt/VueJS (revamp), Drupal 8, PWA, OpenApi, GraphQL, Elastic Search
  • Type : Web App PWA
  • Year : 2019

*The demo of this app is unavailable (for confidential purpose).

You can visit web page below for more information about this case

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