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Diagno Cat
Case Study

This project has been worked on 2016. Build with AngularJS framework and web programming (HTML, CSS, JS), Deployed as stand-alone mobile app with PhoneGap Cordova.

The concept of this app is to diagnose cat disease based on sick symptoms. The app will serve some question and must be answered by the user, so we concluded the result based on that answer. Using certainty factor method and case-based reasoning to diagnose, this app has administrative feature to modify the diseases data (CRUD), and user tracking (unfortunately the service is down).

I use MySQL as the database with JSON & LocalStorage for processing data and PhoneGap Cordova as tool to deploy.

  • Stack : AngularJS, PhoneGap Cordova, MySQL
  • Type : Mobile App (Android)
  • Year : 2016

You can try this app by downloading the file below

Download .apk (10.1MB)